Food lovers…

What is trufl?

trufl is a startup company that partners with restaurants and conducts daily inspections on restaurant hygiene.

How do you ensure food is hygienic?

Our experts train restaurant staff on proper sourcing, handling and storage of ingredients. In addition, we train them to follow a sanitization procedure of both kitchen and dining areas multiple times daily. Finally, our inspectors conduct weekly inspections to ensure proper procedures are being followed.

How can I tell if a restaurant is a trufl partner?

You will see a clearly visible “trufl” logo outside the restaurant that is a trufl partner. In addition you can verify the restaurant from our Locations page.

What additional steps are taken to prevent COVID-19?

We train staff to follow recommended COVID-19 prevention procedures. This includes taking frequent temperature of the staff, wearing gloves and masks, sanitization of equipment and surfaces and safe handling of ingredients.

Restaurant Owners…

Why should my restaurant join trufl?

As a busy restaurant owner you may be swamped with other aspects of running a restaurant which usually results in slipping on the hygiene.

  • We provide you the expertise and training for following latest hygiene procedures.
  • Our weekly inspections ensure your staff is following the processes and recommends how you can be compliant.
What will it cost me to join the trufl brand?

Our affordable subscription model charges a small monthly fee. But you may start with our free pandemic trial. Apply here.

Will I see increase in revenue with better hygiene?

Yes, customers value hygiene. Especially in the current COVID-19 situation, hygiene is probably more important than the taste. Contact us to understand various different ways we believe your revenue should increase.

I need more information. Who should I contact?

You can contact us with information on our page. Additionally, you may apply online and one of our sales executive will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Which cities are you currently operating in?

We currently only operate in New Delhi but plan to expand to other cities soon.